Senior Financials Corporate Bond Issuance

Data provided by Dealogic

The bar graphs below illustrate the trend in the growth and trends in issuance in the euro-denominated corporate bond market.

i) Senior Financials Issuance Since 2003

The all singing, all dancing days of senior issuance pre-financial crisis – are over. Admittedly, back then a fair portion of the supply was front-end in terms of maturity and league table motivated, but we have seen a material decline in senior issuance levels. The banking sector, quite simply, doesn’t need the money.

The difficult macro outlook had made banks more wary of lending but conditions and the outlook are less strained now. Nevertheless, we think we will only see issuance at around the average level established over the past few years, while senior non-proffered deals – as TLAC considerations become firmly entrenched – will be main senior funding structure now on.


ii) Senior Financials Monthly Supply


Senior bank issuance has slowed (as has been the trend since the pre-crisis years) with just €5.5bnof deals in June. We’re up at €75bn year-to-date and given the current run rate, we will probably be looking at €120bn-€130bn for the full year – a level €10-15bn lower than our original forecasts made for this year.


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