28th February 2019

No Stopping the Easy Carry Business (ECB) | Bank Capital Insights

Carry on TLTRO – The show must go on It seems that market participants are placing more and more confidence that the ECB will announce a new fixed TLTRO program next month. That will mean credit supply to the EZ economies will continue unabated and counter any economic slowdown, with the biggest beneficiaries of the […]
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GJ Prasad

A senior European bank research specialist with significant breadth/in-depth sector knowledge, GJ has researched bank capital instruments extensively - having covered the asset class for more than 15 years as an analyst and 7 years as a risk taker in buy-side roles. His specialisation includes carrying out detailed financial modelling work on the European banks focusing on asset quality, earnings and capital adequacy metrics. His deep-dive work focuses on single name selection and extensive risk analysis on capital securities, especially on structural features, issuer credit profile and equity/AT1 valuation.