High Yield Spread Charts | HY Bond Index

High yield spreads and yields data in charts. This page shows HY index yields and spreads for the European market. iBoxx EUR High Yield Overall Index data provided by Markit Group Ltd

i) High Yield Bond Index: Corporate Spreads

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ii) High Yield Bond Index: Recent History

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iii) High Yield Bond Index: Yields

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🌍 Unless The World Collapses

Small wonder it's tough to get excited... According to Renault, they won't be using a dime from the public purse. Unless the world collapses. Otherwise, we are getting used to market rallies followed by a dose of crash, bang, wallop. On those occasions, there is plenty of fear and loathing amid the excitement generated by those risk-on days.  It also means that market volat [...]

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🏦 Banks Keep it Rolling

Earnings and stimulus vs pandemic... Credit markets seem as though they are just treading water. The all-important primary market isn't busting a gut any longer. Everything else follows. That is explained away by the blackout period as we enter the earnings season, but also the record-breaking deal volume already this year leaving less now to get done. Even if the demand for [...]

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🇺🇸 Whether it’s Trump or Biden (or Harris)…

...the net effect on markets will be the same Excitement or fear. They elicit a similar nervous, perhaps hesitant feeling throughout the markets. But another 2% and the S&P will see out a fresh record high. Admittedly, most of the political focus is on the US election where the polls have Biden so far in front that anything other than a win for him would represent the bi [...]

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🗞️ Election, Brexit & Earnings all in the Mixer

US election in view, but we're already over it... It would now appear that the US election is unlikely going to inject much in the way of any serious levels of intraday/daily volatility into the markets. There has been too much crying wolf. Investors have now moved on to the post-election stimulus boosts - and which administration might have the greater impact. The net ef [...]

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