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Corporate credit, a safe haven

Heads you win... Well, that was exciting. Just as many were reaching for the towel (to throw it in), US equity markets bounced - but unconvincingly, offering some relief into the weekend. It isn't all over - not just yet - but the price action of Friday will keep concerns at elevated levels. Without knowing how the following week(s) might play out, it is tempting to belie [...]

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All the makings of a systemic crisis

Spectre of higher inflation/yields shake markets... We lived through the tremors which came from the Brexit vote, Trump's presidential win and his administration's many policies including problems in US foreign policy around Iran, China and Russia - and more lately the potential for an EM crisis sparked by ructions in places like Turkey and South Africa. Italy continues to b [...]

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Inflation concerns trump Italian ones

Complacent? Not on inflation... Will something just happen! - because so much has threatened the end of the run that financial markets have had in the decade since the crisis started, but we've managed to see off most situations. Italy threatens now but it isn't erupting - and until it does the contagion from the shuffling that we're seeing now between the government and the [...]

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Threatening a storm

On the surface, the Italian government made a fair point suggesting that the French run a near 3% budget deficit in perpetuity, without sanction. The difference is, of course, the relative ability of the sovereign to service its obligations. Creditworthiness, that is. Anyway, the Italian administration is not backing off from their budget demands and the markets have clearl [...]

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