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Equities rally, but few convinced

Prepare for the worst... There was an early strong bounce back in Tuesday's session following the big losses previously, but it's clear that any real zest emerging from it is looking short-lived. Just too much water has passed under the bridge recently and there still remains a massive amount of uncertainty emanating from several quarters. Furthermore, it's December, with 'no' [...]

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Brexit farce, markets sink

Under siege amid chaos and confusion... It was all hands to the pump in a session which effectively resulted in yet another near collapse in markets. The massive uncertainty over the Brexit vote continues even after the UK's PM May incredibly decided to postpone the Brexit vote which was due on Tuesday! It doesn't really change much and she remains in an extraordinarily diffi [...]

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What now for DB credit? Bank Capital

Negative headlines keep on coming... Headline risk continues to overwhelm DB stock and, over the last few weeks, it has been hit by a plethora of negative news including its involvement in the Danske Bank’s money laundering case, ongoing tax raids by German authorities, cum-dividend issues on ADRs etc. The impact of these relentless negative headlines has had a significant im [...]

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Winter of discontent ahead

Suspicious minds... The attempt at a 'recovery' in last week's final session in the European session was so limp that it was barely worthy.  Later, the US sell-off put paid to any sustainability of it. It actually highlights a nervous market now facing a daunting outlook just as we near the end of this year's business and head into 2019. By all accounts, 'mediocrity' in p [...]

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Don’t Forget…Corporate Bonds expert Dr Suki Mann

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