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Fearing the spiral of contagion

It's Trump's way, or the highway... China, Iran, Turkey, Russia and the EU. Trump's economic war has unleashed a spiral of contagion which is threatening to result in an uncontrollable drop in financial prices. Once an emerging market nation can't roll over its obligations drawing (over) exposed Western financial institutions into the net, then we have the makings of a finan [...]

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Trading through a minefield

Trade wars to stifle rally... Sino-US trade tensions show no sign of letting up - with the former looking to dig in for the long term. We are, in fact, seeing the rhetoric ramped up some with China readying tit-for-tat measures in retaliation of the threatened increase and broadening in tariffs on Chinese goods. It ought to be putting a cap on the ability for the markets [...]

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Not bad

Needing to keep those fingers crossed... The markets must have had a decent July, judging by the warnings we're seeing now about not getting complacent as risk assets ride high (relatively). We've had a few decent sessions of late. Of course, geopolitical tensions remain elevated but risk markets have done very well this month, managing to correct higher in most markets. [...]

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Hot, hot, hot

The markets are not going to give up without a fight, and it is looking as if we are into the early throes of a difficult summer. Trump continues to do his level best to make sure we don't rest up too much, this time urging the EU to scrap all tariffs ahead of talks with the EU's Juncker. Eurozone growth is slowing as we know it to be, as evidenced by PMI data earlier this [...]

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