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⚖️ 2020’s performance hangs in the balance

Getting to the crunch time... It seems that the Covid second wave is going to wreak havoc across Europe - which will keep a lid on any meaningful market rally for the moment. That rally, though, could come - in the US especially - if we get that fiscal stimulus agreement. They're into negotiation overtime but the word is that they're close to agreeing something. That woul [...]

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🗞️ As SURE as a bond issue can be

Cheap funding, it's race to the bottom... It is looking increasingly likely that the European economy is heading for a double-dip recession, putting an end to the nascent recovery observed since we emerged from the initial lockdown. The ECB's Lagarde is voicing her concerns just as the BoE is too - as it starts the process of readying the UK financial system for negative rat [...]

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🌍 Unless The World Collapses

Small wonder it's tough to get excited... According to Renault, they won't be using a dime from the public purse. Unless the world collapses. Otherwise, we are getting used to market rallies followed by a dose of crash, bang, wallop. On those occasions, there is plenty of fear and loathing amid the excitement generated by those risk-on days.  It also means that market volat [...]

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🏦 Banks Keep it Rolling

Earnings and stimulus vs pandemic... Credit markets seem as though they are just treading water. The all-important primary market isn't busting a gut any longer. Everything else follows. That is explained away by the blackout period as we enter the earnings season, but also the record-breaking deal volume already this year leaving less now to get done. Even if the demand for [...]

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