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🗞️ Plugging into the (initial V-shaped) recovery

As IG primary records broken... The bounce in economic activity (from the early 2020 Q2-lows) will likely continue with a broadly positive trend in asset prices over the summer months. We could still be looking at the potential for US stocks to rise and get close to those record highs seen in February before the year is out. Rates look anchored though. Credit spreads will ti [...]

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🗞️ Yield sells

But all eyes on China... The second half has got off to a promising start. The data is supportive and the main driver for it. Credit primary continues to furnish us with a plethora of deals and the pipeline suggests deals to come throughout a busy July. Covid19 outbreaks and subsequent localised lockdowns are going to keep corporate treasury desks busier than usual. Still, [...]

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🍷 Glass is half full

Thanks to the central banks... It's been a fine recovery-quarter overall, investors relieved that the markets managed to bounce back, taking in the best quarterly performance for several asset classes. And that, just as the coronavirus pandemic threatened financial armageddon. Concerted loosening of policy by central banks/governments did the trick, again. And so the market' [...]

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🎖️ High Yield Market Fighting On

Headwinds aplenty, but liquidity supportive... Well, ams AG tripped up. Such is the edginess particularly around Germany Inc after Wirecard's demise, investors had every right to reassess their allocations to the high yield borrowers deal last week. We move on, but it is a rollercoaster ride at the moment. That's chiefly because Covid19 outbreaks/lockdowns are sullying th [...]

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