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🇨🇳 Hoodwinked

But undeterred... The markets are putting up a remarkable fight against a coronavirus-led battering which will derail all of this year's growth projections. We're at record highs in the S&P and Nasdaq indices. IG credit has returned 1.2% year to date, sterling IG 2.4% and the AT1 market 2.9%. Even Eurozone rates have returned 2.4% this year so far! That wasn't suppose [...]

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🗞️ Another one bites the dust

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em... Lord over them, admire them or just join them, because we ain't going to beat them. The ability of the markets to swat aside any number of risk-events which might ordinarily have derailed them has been fantastic. Indeed, it looks as though investors have taken the view that the spread of Covid-19 won't be a Black Swan event. We're going [...]

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😷 A sharp intake of breath

Hoping for the best... Markets are back to trading the headlines. Their inertia rarely seems to last too long. Any data which suggests that there is a slowdown in the spread of the virus and the market rallies - and rallies hard. And so the markets have recovered after a period weakness to hit record highs again in the US, as the rate of infections slows. In some respects [...]

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♠️ Calling a spade a spade

Cavalier rally... Much low(er) growth for longer, low(er) rates for longer. Add into the pot reduced consumption levels, declining investment, activity on the wane as the closure of China Inc spreads to other countries then we have the ingredients in place for a synchronised global recession. Surely those equity market record highs are set for a reverse? Markets are curre [...]

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