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Sign of things to come

2017 on the wane, but it shone brightly It has been a fantastic year for all risk assets classes. Equities have been on fire. High beta corporate bond risk has had one of its best years. Investment grade credit has defied gravity - and the sceptics. Duration risk has made a sterling recovery after a weak first half as rates have failed to push on into improving macro met [...]

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Christmas is coming…

Central banks front and centre... It would appear that we are just tying up the loose ends now. Even the central banks are going to be doing that as the "Big 3" all have their respective meetings. The markets are in no mood to get ahead of themselves. It's been a super year for everyone and few will argue against that, given the potential for turmoil from the many banana [...]

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I gave a letter to the postman

UK inflation rocketing With the central banks in focus as the Fed, ECB and BoE all meet for their monthly deliberations, the markets were always going to limited in their activity. Even though we know what is likely going to be the outcome, investors have chosen to stay put and not try anything clever so late in the year. Even Bitcoin was less exuberant as compared to the [...]

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Year-end can’t come quickly enough

Winners everywhere We're in the last chance saloon as we enter the final week proper to get any significant business done. Low beta credit spent last week treading water, while we saw a little bit of weakness in the higher-yielding corporate bond sectors. There's probably been a sense of 'let's get this year out of the way' for a while now, because the year has delivered [...]

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Don’t Forget…Corporate Bonds expert Dr Suki Mann

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