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No, Prime Minister

'No deal' it will be... It doesn't get more exciting than when one can smell some political bloodletting. The great Sword of Damocles dangles over PM Theresa May, following an eruption of massive proportions around the Brexit "agreement". For most, it clearly and rightly dominated the day. It should not have been so - or the timing was just not great - because we also had [...]

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🏦 Banks’ Brexit Blues (BBB- negative outlook) | Bank Capital

Welcome to Banks' Brexit Blues, negative outlook So, here we are. The UK government agrees a draft Brexit deal with the EU and yet markets fret about the uncertainty in terms of whether it will be approved and if a hard Brexit can be avoided. Without going into the consequences of the final outcome, the UK banks that are most exposed to the domestic economy are most vulnerabl [...]

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It’s over

Christmas can't come quick enough... Ouch! No - not Brexit, but the German economy. It contracted by 0.2% in Q3 versus Q2 as export markets flagged. And while that was enough to fret about, we also had the Italian government's response to the European Commission's demand that they rein in the spending as presented in the budget. Well, the Italians decided to defy the Commiss [...]

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Brexit ‘deal’ excitement steals the day

But it's getting more difficult to stay upbeat... So market bounces are an opportunity to reduce risk, it seems. Well, at least few are going to add on any dips or chase the market higher if it looks like it might start to feel better. We've been had by too many suckers' rallies of late and this close to year-end, it's wise to protect performance now. So we have a situation [...]

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Don’t Forget…Corporate Bonds expert Dr Suki Mann

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