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Credit tone positive into year-end

Holidays are coming... Finally, the markets are in wind-down mode, although in credit we think that there's likely going to be the odd, previously unannounced offering in primary - but that's about it. We can look forward to a 'busy' week nevertheless. There's Lagarde's inaugural ECB policy meeting which is probably going to gain more market importance than the UK election, [...]

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Markets Trumped yet again

2020: Downside risks lurk... We have yet another iteration in the process. Does anyone really care any more? We previously suggested that the Chinese could afford - politically and financially - to play the long game regarding the trade tariff talks. With an election looming, the lack of a decent, encompassing deal between the US and China would possibly eat away into Trump' [...]

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Trump still pulling all the strings

Manufacturing fog not lifting... Well, that was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We had an early shot in the arm from those Chinese factory orders for November with the Caixin PMI index up at a 3-year high of 51.8. German manufacturing also showed some signs of life, the PMI for November rose to a much better than expected 44.1 (expected 43.8), as France (51.7) and Italy 47.6) [...]

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Pre-Holidays Strategy

Equities performance out in front, fixed income stellar... Not long to go now in order to clip the kind of performance that is the stuff of dreams. We closed November with risk markets having a final session give-up but having garnered some excellent performance this year. Records have gone in US equities as the S&P is up by over 25% this year so far. The Dax is up t [...]

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