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Answers on a postcard, please

Tick tock... The corporate bond market still seems shell-shocked from the volatility of a couple of weeks ago as it fails to offer anything to really get its teeth into. Secondary is dull across the board, there's little by way of event-risk with the sector to get concerned about and primary is just throwing up odd deals, as non-financial borrowers remain largely on the side [...]

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Washington has its (his) day

Much ado... President's Day in the US meant that we all had bit of a break. We're into the last few trading sessions of the month and must be looking to continue to recoup the losses of a few weeks ago. As it was, the session petered out into something of a 'bore draw', and while equities were flattish for most of it, the tone for credit was positive. We had a few deals, [...]

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The walking dead

Altering the cycle's DNA... We rescued some performance last week, and with just over a week of it left, we might just see out what could potentially have been a difficult February with the clock wound higher again. We're not sure that lessons would have been learned from the correction we have traded through. After all, we're ploughing money back into the market and it's he [...]

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Wobble over

The force is with us... It's been a good week for the markets in the sense that they have managed to stabilise, regain some much-needed composure and then move a little higher. This, following on from a fairly tumultuous couple of weeks previously. Equities are set for a decent run into the last week or so of the month. Unfortunately, the sell-off in rates is going to see [...]

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