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Kraft-y – err, no deal

The key takeaways from the holiday-induced lull last week were that equities hit several fresh closing daily record highs - the S&P closed at record levels. Government bond yields trended lower, having threatened to shoot higher into Yellen's hawkish but pragmatic testimony. Credit spreads edged tighter amid a decent level of issuance albeit most of it courtesy of [...]

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In that we had a hawkish-cum-pragmatic testimony from Fed chief Yellen which all combined have given a push to equities, just done enough to put government bonds under a little pressure while the corporate bind market has traded sideways to slightly better bid. [...]

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He’s still the story

President Trump remains the story but we're no longer thinking economic policies or executive orders. There is now more than a whiff of scandal in the air - but someone has forgotten to tell that to the markets. Record high closes yet again in the US overnight made for a sprightly opening and session in Europe yesterday. Much of the better tone is put down to Janet Yelle [...]

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No Valentine’s massacre, but no love-in either

It wasn't the quietest of sessions, but we're into a low voluminous week as far as overall activity is concerned. Still, we had a raft of events and data to think about. There's trouble-at-mill in the US, with the resignation of Trump's national security advisor and many will be pointing to a fledgling regime starting to come apart at the seams. Never mind about the uncerta [...]

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