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The calm after the storm

We saw some sense return to the new issue pricing regime, with a couple of the deals only tightened by 5-10bp versus initial indications, although that might have been only because the issues were perhaps a harder sell. That's because Bollore, for example, which isn't exactly a household name outside of the French "transportation and logistics" system (even though it h [...]

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The Empire strikes back

Be it the dollar or sterling - we're hanging onto every speech or leak emerging from President-elect Trump and Prime Minister May. The moves are so short-term that it's just easier to sit back and watch as traders in those FX markets play out their game to the headlines. There were plenty of them in yesterday's session. Small or large swings - usually large intraday gai [...]

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USA Inc.

Running it like Trump only knows how... President-elect Trump was the reason the session failed to pass without any nervousness, given that Monday was the Martin Luther King Jr. Day federal holiday in the US and we ought to have. Mr. Trump's interview over the weekend with a UK newspaper stirred a few, and we can now look forward to his economic policy as being one o [...]

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We need our fill

We're already asking ourselves, "What next?". It's been an interesting start to the year in the corporate bond markets, with more issuance than we ought reasonably to have expected. However, it has been taken down with some gusto. That's not to judge the success of any take-up by the subsequent performance - of which there has generally been very little - but to consid [...]

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