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Return of the prodigal son

In financial market terms, the week will be remembered for weakness in equities and oil, a recovery in duration product, stable secondary credit and a fairly resilient primary sector which saw VW's return to the corporate bond market after an 18-month scandal-induced absence. Actually, the market was awash with a sea of issuance making for a super session on the prima [...]

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Motoring again

Tuesday was just a false alarm. We scratched our heads wondering why corporate bond issuance was close to nil during that session given that we are embarking on a period where the 'event-risk' coast is clear. One where we could think that borrowers might have wanted to get some funding in before we go into the uncertainty which might come from the French election season. [...]

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Beating the drum (for corporate bonds)

All roads still lead to... The markets have taken much that has been thrown at them in their stride - that's everything. Either they don't care or the central banks and/or government officials are doing a good job in soothing nerves and preparing the markets. It might be difficult to believe that it is the latter, but maybe it is. The net impact at the moment is that th [...]

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Secondary credit ploughs on

Grinding out performance There should be little holding back risk markets into the end of the month following the relative ease in which we got through the Dutch election and Fed rate rise. They had injected a few nerves into the market. Now, there is little in the way to prevent a tightening in credit spreads amid what could be a deluge of issuance. Good primary issuance us [...]

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